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Somehow, people don't understand that we can't be loved by all, but we can still love everyone.

I listen to someone blabbering about how terrible life is. All I can say is that life is beautiful, unconditionally, get on with it, son.

You say life is boring, and that you do nothing apart from watching your garden. But you look at the world, passing by in your garden, never knowing why, and that's beautiful too.

A girl once said to me, that she wished life was beautiful but it wasn't. You are blind, darling. It's all beautiful, you just need to open your eyes and find it. 

And love should be unconditional, and therefor acceptance must be as such.

the world. in a chocolate box. 



Je vous laisse traduire mes mots qui ne veulent rien dire. 

tenez: un WIP


ignorez l'heure qu'il était et ne dites pas à ma famille. *cours se cacher*

(tout ça pour dire que je ne suis pas morte. et que je ferais bientôt des articles plus acceptables dans le futur. bleh).

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